Startup & Private Equity Financing

Startup & Private Equity Financing2022-09-16T13:06:15-07:00

John helps companies structure, negotiate, and issue securities in early-stage financings, including convertible debt, Simple Agreements for Future Equity (Safes), warrants, and preferred equity. John created the Safe for LLCs to enable LLCs to raise capital using that instrument. He also frequently represents LLCs in financing and other transactions with private equity funds.

John’s startup and private equity financing experience includes:

  • High-net-worth investor group in a $1 million investment in a technology startup with warrants to acquire up to $2 million of additional equity.
  • Various startup companies in structuring and formation, issuance of founder’s stock, angel and follow-on financings (including seed equity, convertible debt and Safes), equity incentive plans and employment and consulting agreements.
  • Cannabis-focused private equity fund in a $1 million common unit financing.
  • Angel investor in a $250,000 investment in a SaaS technology startup.
  • Clean technology company in several rounds of private placement financings totaling $18 million.
  • Oil and gas-related technology company in a $3 million investment (including warrants to purchase additional equity) by a nationally-recognized private equity fund.
  • Private equity fund in a $3.5 million investment in a start-up company with patents relating to energy conservation.
  • Venture capital fund in the restructuring of the fund in anticipation of the exit of a successful investment, including the formation of a parallel fund and the documentation of an exchange offer by the fund to its investors.
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