Two Client Case Studies: How to Raise Capital Using the New SAFE for LLCs

I created the Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) for LLCs for my LLC clients that needed a simple financing instrument to raise capital swiftly without much legal expense, while retaining pass-through tax treatment for their businesses. The SAFE for LLCs is an alternative to the Y Combinator SAFE, which is designed specifically for C-Corporations. With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the LLC remains an excellent structure for many business entities, the individual owners of ...


Free, Publicly-Available Startup Company Forms and Document Generators

The angel investor network Blue Water Angels has compiled a nice summary of free, publicly-available, startup forms and document generators, including direct links to those forms and generators, all available here. Remember: even if you start with a good form, always engage your favorite corporate lawyer to review your documents before signing off. The devil is in the details.


Introducing the Simple Safe Spreadsheet (for pre- and/or post-money Safes)

There are two versions of the Simple Safe Spreadsheet: New (March 2021)!  To view and purchase the new post-money Simple Safe Spreadsheet, please click here. This spreadsheet is for use with Y Combinator's post-money Safe, Valuation Cap (No Discount). To purchase a downloadable Excel version of the Simple Safe Spreadsheet for pre-money Safes, click here. Thank you for supporting this project and please stay tuned for future startup friendly resources. ***** Y Combinator’s Simple agreement for future equity ...

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